Unettomuus ja muut unihäiriöt

Insomnia and other sleep disorders

Refreshing sleep has a crucial part of our well-being in addition to regular excercise and healthy nutrition. Good sleep is not to be taken for granted but something that needs to be valued.

Ever increasing evident from studies show the undeniable effect to one´s health from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Even just sleep deprivation has shown to cause disorders in metabolism on top of direct day-time symptoms as decrease in concentration and perform of daily activities.

Sleep disorder – a common masses disease

Almost everyone suffers from poor sleep at some point. Our lives are built with joy and sadness which inevitably effect our sleep.

One fifth of Finnish population suffer from prolonged sleep disorder (THL 2014). Prolonged poor sleep is the case when problem with sleeping or day-time tiredness is frequent or has lasted over two months.

It´s noticeable that the main symptom in sleep disorder might not be poor sleep yet decrease of day-time performance and tiredness. These symptoms might include problems with memory or lack of concentration and initiative.

Hectic rhythm of life, tough work pace and changing living habits are significant factors in origin of sleep disorders. At the moment sleep disorders are classified as a masses disease by incidence and the amount, of patients is ever increasing.

Value your sleep

Refreshing good quality sleep is the main source of effective restoration. So, remember to value your sleep.

If your vitality is not what you’d wish it to be, keep the possibility of sleep disorder in mind. After adequate identification sleep disorders can be effectively treated and their negative effects to one´s health can be prevented.

Efficient treatment of other diseases such as hypothyroidism or for example pain can also significantly increase one´s sleep and therefore vitality.