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Coronaria Sleep Clinic

We at Coronaria Sleep Clinic are pioneers of sleep medicine in Finland. Our leading sleep physician Henri Tuomilehto has over fifteen years of experience from the field of sleep. We will enhance your quality of life by diagnosing and taking care of your sleep disorder. We offer you individualised service, the right diagnosis at once and quick access to examination. We will walk beside you as long as it takes for you to enjoy good sleep.

For refreshing sleep

Restorative sleep is an essential part of well-being and the lack of it may among other things significantly lower the ability to work. Ever more increasing knowledge by research shows us that in addition to direct day-time symptoms insomnia and other sleep disorders can cause major disadvantages to overall health. Well slept night enables restoration from stress of the previous day and to wake refreshed to a new day.

The cause for prolonged decrease of daily performance is rarely age or hormone related so possibility of sleep disorders causing it should be kept strongly in mind. At Coronaria Sleep Clinic treatment is always based in individual encounter with patient, sleep studies of high standard and up-to-date medical know-how.

We will find the ultimate reason for your problem

The reason for sleep disorder decreasing quality of life should always be investigated and it can be done by adequate studies. At Coronaria Sleep Clinic the sleep and disorders of sleep are examined individually and diagnosis is always based for sleep study supplemented with a thorough interview by experienced physician. From sleep study the nocturnal bodily functions can be seen thoroughly. With the results from sleep study combined with the symptoms described by patient allow us to make a reliable diagnosis. This enables precise and cause compatible treatment.

Precise treatment enables results

The right diagnosis enables effective treatment for sleep disorder and allows realistic chance for succesful treatment. Symptom related treatment also allows to avoid the use of sleep medication or even stop using them for good. Monitoring of treatment is a crucial part of individual treatment plan, as it ensures succesfull treatment.