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Nocturnal sleep study gives diverse information of bodily functions and allows presice identification of sleep disorders. This ensures exact and symptom based treatment.


What is measured during polysomnography?

During sleep study following are recorded from the subject: Electroencephalogram, electro-oculogram, electromusculogram from mandible muscles, electrocardiogram, breathing movements, air flow, snoring, blood oxygen saturation, electromusculogram from lower limbs and sleeping position. By these it is possible to determine exact sleep latencies and structure of sleep.


Assignment of sleep stages and scoring of sleep study data is done by certified specialists in sleep medicine. Sleep study equipment is hooked up by sleep nurse who also removes the equipment. Sleep study can be carried out at home. If needed patient can also sleep at Coronaria Sleep Clinic.


You can come to Coronaria Sleep Clinic without referral at which time we will reserve an doctor’s appointment before sleep study. We can deduct Social Security -reimbursement at the clinic if patient has a Social Security -card. Insurance reimbursements can be applied afterwards from insurance company or an payment obligation can be asked from insurance company before sleep study.