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Examining and treatment of sleep disorders

As there are many different sleep disorders there are also multiple ways to diagnose them. Foundation of sleep disorder diagnostics is to find out symptoms and also living/sleeping habits. At Coronaria Sleep Clinic nocturnal sleep studies are always used in addition to the ways mentioned earlier. After the main reason for insomnia or other sleep disorder has been thoroughly found out problems are usually quite easy to treat.

Cause related treatment

When using cause related treatments continued use of sleeping pills can be decreased or even stopped. There are many different types of sleep disorders and it’s not rare that patient has more than one sleep disorders at the same time. Therefore, the path for better sleep is also unique. Some sleep disorders might need a lifelong medication and their symptoms might get worse when ageing. At Coronaria Sleep Clinic regular follow-up is important part of treatments. This to ensure effective continuity of treatment.

Sleep maintenance

Whether the sleep disorder is sleep apnea insomnia or even narcolepsy, sleep maintenance based with healthy lifestyle is the basic key of all treatments. When going through sleep maintenance, habits of calming down at evening, falling asleep and sleep itself are being checked and fixed if needed. These habits include sleep-wake rhythm, nutrition, exercise and are checked thoroughly with the help of personnel specialized in the specific field.